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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010: ARMOR WARS finale

With 2010 behind us, our theme of Armor Wars is now complete. We really had a fun time with this. My favorite is when one of us would get a sketch and say, "Hey, he can go in the Armor Wars!"

We certainly covered a lot of characters and different ideas with this theme. And really, that is the fun of it. I remember very clearly when JLAdam threw the idea out there, and it was obvious it was going to work. However, I had no idea it would be the cause of all of this!!

I will keep it simple, a roll call if you will. If you want to know more about the stories of any of these, check out our galleries at Comic Art Fans, or ask us, we'ld be happy to share!

The Cranboyz Present, 2010: ARMOR WARS!

Apocalypse by Todd Nauck for Popa:

Avalanche by Darryl Banks for Andy:

The new Blue Beetle by Karl Moline for Dave:
Cobra Commander in Battle Armor by Paul Azaceta for Shane:

Star Wars Clone Troopers Rex and Cody by Adam Withers for Shane:

Star Wars Clone Troopers Hevy and Echo by Adam Withers for Andy:

The Cimson Dynamo by Darryl Banks for Shane:

Cyborg by Jim Calafiore for Shane:

First Appearance Dr Doom by Darryl Banks for Popa:

Dr Doom by Bob Hall for Shane:

The Dreadknight by Casey Jones for Eric:

Iron Man Mini Marvels Hulk Buster Armor by Chris Giarrusso for Eric:

Iron Man post Armor Wars armor by Bob Layton for Shane:

Iron Man Silver Centurian by Darryl Banks for Eric:

Iron Man Space Armor by Uko Smith for Eric:

Kurse by Jim Calafiore for Popa:

Lilandra by Jay Fife for Shawn:

Lex Luthor by Andy Smith for Popa:

Mandroid Armor by Uko Smith for Shane:

Night Thrasher by Comfort Love for Shane:

The Predator by Brian Hurtt for Popa:

Spider-Man in his Iron Spider armor by Craig Rousseau for Andy:

Steeler of GI Joe by Chris Giarrusso for Shane:

Stingray by Greg Schigiel for Karen:

The Super Patriot by Scott James for Shane:

Ultron by Robert Atkins for Shane:

War Machine by Ron Frenz for Shawn:

War Machine Mini Marvels style by Chris Giarrusso for Karen:

Thanks for checking out our "sketch theme for 2010"!


  1. Wow! Everything looks really nice. I'm glad everyone had such a good time getting these.

  2. Awesome Post Shane, thanks! @Karen wanna trade Warmachines ;)