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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


For those who don't know, Adam was the person who introduced me to Starman, one of my personal favorite comic series. Back when the series was not long on the shelves, I had expressed an interest in it, and Adam gave me the first arc, Sins of the Father. I was hooked with the first issue, and ended up reading through the end of the series. So when it was decided that this year's sketch theme would be DC characters in honor of Adam, I knew right off the bat that I wanted to get a series of sketches of my favorite characters from the title that Adam and I both enjoyed so much. I started re-reading the series and coming up with sketch ideas!

I started out the year with this fantastic sketch of Ted Knight, the original Starman. I sent my book to Darryl Banks to do the sketch for Free Comic Book Day, and Shane was kind enough to pick it up at Bill's Books, where Darrylax was signing that day.

Although I wasn't able to make it to HeroCon this year, Shane brought my book with him so I could get this amazing sketch of Hope O'Dare from Shannon Gallant.

In September I went to Dragon*Con, and I picked up this cool sketch of one of the greatest characters from the series, The Shade, from Dan Govar.

I also asked Tom Feister to do a quick sketch of Wesley Dodds, the Sandman, to commemorate Sand and Stars, one of the best storyarcs in the Starman series. Adam and I both loved this storyline where Jack Knight teamed up with the Golden Age Sandman.

While at Dragon*Con, I set up sketches with our good friends Comfort Love and Adam Withers. I knew that Adam was a big fan of the series as well, and found out that Comfort also loved it. So, they were excited to take my book home with them and do a couple of amazing sketches for me. At Mid-Ohio Con, I picked my book up with this incredible sketch of Nash, The Mist's daughter from Comfort:

And this stunning sketch of the series' main character, Jack Knight, from Adam:

As a finale to this series of sketches, I asked Lora Innes to sketch Courtney Whitmore, Stargirl, for me at Mid-Ohio Con. The only catch was that I wanted a version of the character that had only appeared in one panel, where Jack Knight envisions her as the next carrier of the Starman mantle. Lora did an amazing job on the sketch.

So, that's it. Although it was bittersweet re-reading the series and getting these sketches, it really reminded me of Adam every step of the way, and was an awesome way to honor him with sketches this year. I'm going to close out this post with a sketch that I did for Adam in his book. I know that I am hypercritical of the work I do, but I was happy with it. And I like to think he was happy with it too.