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Sunday, February 16, 2014

2013 OUT Of This WORLD!

The Cranboyz had a great year in 2013 and part of it was our annual sketch theme, Out Of This World! With this theme any characters from outer space, other worlds, realities and dimensions were what we were after! We have a lot of them, so lets get started!

First off is Popa's ALIEN sketch by Wilfredo Torres. This one is a killer and perfect for our theme!

Andy put a little thought behind Midnighter and Apollo of the Authority. Midnighter is by former Batman/Nightwing artist, Scott McDaniel and Apollo is by former Superman artist, Ron Frenz!

Eric added a few Avengers to the mix with the half-Kree Ms. Marvel by Gene Gonzales, Iron Man in his Undersea Armor by Sean Forney and Hercules by Ron Frenz!

Popa really raised the bar with 2 commissions of his favorite Inhuman, Crystal! The first is by the legendary Chris Sprouse and the second is by Tom Grummett!

Karen refused to let Out of this World go by without a Dr Who sketch! This one is by Mitch Gerads!

Dave nailed our theme with this epic sketch of Eternity and Doctor Strange by Ron Salas!

Being a huge Firefly/Serenity fan, Andy picked up a sketch of Zoe from Jenny Frison!

Now Karen takes our themes pretty seriously and this year was no exception. While trying to figure out what characters she could get, she decided on all the Heralds of Galactus, she could get! (She already has an awesome Silver Surfer) So, here is Air-Walker by Shannon Gallant (always with the jokes!) and Nova by Gary McKee!

Karen also got  Firelord by Ron Salas,  Terrax by Tom Raney and Stardust by Brian Shearer!

Shane went with a Steranko-style Nick Fury in his space suit by Ron Frenz!
Knowing that Gene Gonzales was also a Stargate fan, Shane got a 2-page pin-up of O'Neill, Carter, Daniel and Teal'c of SG-1, on 2 11x17 pages! (OK, so the second half was done in 2014, but it all started in 2013 and it looks so cool, together!)

Tom Raney really delivered the details on this Super Skrull for Popa!

Andy had the great idea to have Paul Azaceta draw Peter Parker fighting off the Symbiote suit!

Our resident Transformers fan, Shawn, brought us a few sketches. The wicked Starscream holding Megatron's head is by Shawn's daughter, KAITY DUNHAM! I have a few sketches from Kaity and she's the best! He also picked up Contructicon, Mix Master, by Chris Warner and Hotrod by AJ Sabino!

From the TMNT corner of fandom, Andy picked up this tough looking Slash by Adam Withers and Krang by Ron Salas!

Based on the Titans of Tomorrow story, where the Teen Titans fight their evil, future, counterparts, Shane picked up Superman(Conner Kent), Batman (Tim Drake) by Darryl Banks and Wonder Woman (Cassie Sandsmark) by Lee Moder.

Making his first entrance into a Cranboyz sketch theme, Shane's nephew Josh picked up this stellar Darth Vader sketch from Ron Frenz!

Going after the X-Universe, Shane started off with Wolverine (Agent of SHIELD, from What If? vol 2, issue 7). Then Sean Forney went Out of this World with this Age of Apocalypse Sabertooth and added in Holocaust and Wild Child!

Next, Shane picked up this sketch of Magik by Bob McLeod from our friend Carlos Lising! Adam Withers drew this intense sketch of Rachel Summers as a Hound and Todd Nauck did this incredible Longshot!

Finally, Daniel Govar created this masterpiece of Storm, from everyone's favorite X-Men story, Asgardian Wars! And David Wachter drew far more than the Wolverine versus a Brood that Shane asked for! 

As usual, we had loads of fun collecting sketches and Out of this World kept us on our toes! The best part of going to conventions anymore is getting to visit and catch up with friends but we're all there for comics and nonsense and getting sketches is what we do! See you on the con floors in 2014!