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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Batman Arkham City

DC Comics
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
NetherRealm Studios (iOS ver.)

Scripted by Paul Dini

Cast: (Just a few)

  • Hugo Strange
  • Two-Face
  • Penguin
  • Mr. Freeze
  • Calendar Man
  • Talia al Gul and father
  • Alfred
  • Oracle
  • Soloman Grundy
  • Clayface
  • Mad Hatter
  • Deadshot
  • Hush
  • Azrael
  • Vicki Vale
  • Nora Fries
  • Balck Mask
  • Killer Crok
  • Riddler

Review scores A
Eurogamer 9/10
Game Informer 10/10
GamePro 5 Stars
GameSpot 9/10
GameTrailers 9.3/10
IGN 9.5/10
Official PlayStation Magazine 10/10
Official Xbox Magazine 10/10
X-Play 5 Stars
Joystiq 4.5 Stars

It features a main plot and side-missions that develop their own sub-plots. The main storyline revolves around Batman's imprisonment in Arkham City, a sprawling new super-prison five times bigger than the original asylum and enclosing a wide variety of industrial districts, iconic locations and Gotham City landmarks. He must now stop mishaps occurring around this chaotic enclosure caused by Gotham's most notorious super criminals. The game has received universal critical acclaim, making it one of the highest rated video games released in 2011.Worldwide, the game sold 2 million units in its first week of approximately 4.6 million shipped units, compared to Arkham Asylum which sold 4.3 million units in its entire release. This made Arkham City one of the fastest selling games ever.

If you like video games and/or you like comics or action figures or a great story, or have a pulse; do yourself a favor, at the very least rent this game. It can finally be said after years of complaints from gamers and comic book readers alike that a game has been made worthy of the character being used. Now granted I was content with X-Men Legends and Ultimate Alliance from Marvel, but face it, it was like playing with tiny army men. This game hits the mark on cinematics, story, voice actors and graphics. Weeks later, releases of "skins" of Batman costumes have been released, amazing soundtracks both vocal and score, ringtones of the "game over wavs" are zooming flooding the internet. Alternative playable characters and a huge selection of villain in Bat's gallery are there.

Original Trailer
Batman:_Arkham_City wikipedia

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


For those who don't know, Adam was the person who introduced me to Starman, one of my personal favorite comic series. Back when the series was not long on the shelves, I had expressed an interest in it, and Adam gave me the first arc, Sins of the Father. I was hooked with the first issue, and ended up reading through the end of the series. So when it was decided that this year's sketch theme would be DC characters in honor of Adam, I knew right off the bat that I wanted to get a series of sketches of my favorite characters from the title that Adam and I both enjoyed so much. I started re-reading the series and coming up with sketch ideas!

I started out the year with this fantastic sketch of Ted Knight, the original Starman. I sent my book to Darryl Banks to do the sketch for Free Comic Book Day, and Shane was kind enough to pick it up at Bill's Books, where Darrylax was signing that day.

Although I wasn't able to make it to HeroCon this year, Shane brought my book with him so I could get this amazing sketch of Hope O'Dare from Shannon Gallant.

In September I went to Dragon*Con, and I picked up this cool sketch of one of the greatest characters from the series, The Shade, from Dan Govar.

I also asked Tom Feister to do a quick sketch of Wesley Dodds, the Sandman, to commemorate Sand and Stars, one of the best storyarcs in the Starman series. Adam and I both loved this storyline where Jack Knight teamed up with the Golden Age Sandman.

While at Dragon*Con, I set up sketches with our good friends Comfort Love and Adam Withers. I knew that Adam was a big fan of the series as well, and found out that Comfort also loved it. So, they were excited to take my book home with them and do a couple of amazing sketches for me. At Mid-Ohio Con, I picked my book up with this incredible sketch of Nash, The Mist's daughter from Comfort:

And this stunning sketch of the series' main character, Jack Knight, from Adam:

As a finale to this series of sketches, I asked Lora Innes to sketch Courtney Whitmore, Stargirl, for me at Mid-Ohio Con. The only catch was that I wanted a version of the character that had only appeared in one panel, where Jack Knight envisions her as the next carrier of the Starman mantle. Lora did an amazing job on the sketch.

So, that's it. Although it was bittersweet re-reading the series and getting these sketches, it really reminded me of Adam every step of the way, and was an awesome way to honor him with sketches this year. I'm going to close out this post with a sketch that I did for Adam in his book. I know that I am hypercritical of the work I do, but I was happy with it. And I like to think he was happy with it too.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dragon Con

I'd never been to Dragon Con but it's a show who's reputation always preceeds itself. As an actual comic book show, it's pretty good on its own. There's a great core of artists that make their homes in Atlanta and it's always great to see them and there's a solid group of artist alley guests and a few other name guests (J. Scott Campbell, Mike Grell and STERANKO were there this year.) It's a decent comic book show but, obviously, it isn't the comic book guests that are drawing 45,000 people to Atlanta every Labor Day weekend. The artists who were there were doing brisk business but the comic book room was probably the least packed of the rooms I went into -- except when George Perez was around, at which point it got a bit more crowded, as tends to happen when George shows up in a room.

I wasn't at Dragon Con as a fan, specifically, though, I was there to help my friend Shane run a weapons exhibit called The Armory, hosted by his friend Kevin Dockery, a military and fiction writer, who also hosted some panel discussions over the course of the weekend, that were, without fail, packed to the gills with fans of his work and expertise. So Thursday, Friday morning, Sunday night and Monday were dedicated to set-up and tear down of the exhibit which was exhausting work, especially if you're lame and out of shape like me. The exhibit itself seemed to be a big hit with people taking loads of pictures of the weapons while Kevin and a couple of his friends gave people all the information they could want about those weapons.

You'll generally hear 'you have to go to Dragon Con to understand it.' And that's true, even though Shane and last year's attendees took pictures and tried to describe it, words can't make sense of it. 45,000 people attend the show, which overtakes four of Atlanta's largest hotels and spreads over seven hotels total. Every room in those hotels is for Dragon Con guests and at night you can't get into any of them without a Dragon Con badge or room key. There are as many people in costume as not, some are obvious super hero/movie character types, while others are manga/anime characters that I don't get, or fantasy characters, some of which are of the fans' invention. At night the lobbies of the two main hotels are a sea of people that it can take an hour to wade through. The hotels are connected by sky bridges that are lined up as far as the eye can see.

Dragon Con is much more a fantasy con than a comic book con. The guest of honor was legendary writer Terry Brooks, who spent some time inside The Armory himself, talking to friends and admiring the weapons. I'm not a big fantasy fan at all, it was still pretty cool to be sitting around The Armory with Terry Brooks right next to me. Writers Timothy Zahn and Larry Correia also made their way through The Armory at one point or another, either to talk to Dockery or just to admire the exhibit.

At other comic book shows, most of the show is housed in one main room, where dealers and attending artists and guests share space and all the fans are in that same room. There might be an extra room or two for panel discussions. Dragon Con is EVERYWHERE. There isn't a central room at all. In fact, I'm not sure what fans do or where they go once they get admission to the show. The show is brokend up into dozens of 'tracks,' depending on your interests. Writers, costumers, and fans of all stripe have their interests mapped out for them in Dragon Con's 100-plus page program guide. There is a comic book dealer room but it's in a different hotel than the comic book artists. The Hollywood guests are in one hotel, branded the Walk of Fame, their panel discussions may be in a different hotel entirely. How the promoters move them from hotel to hotel without being stuck in the massive crowds is probably something resembling witchcraft.

And Dragon Con goes on 24 hours a day. Our friend Nick works out every morning at 5 am (because he's insane) and every morning as he got up to work out he'd pass attendees just coming in from the previous night's adventures. There are balls and raves and movie screenings at all hours. The Star Wars fans hosted a 'Last Night On Alderan' party, that I thought was a pretty clever theme for a party. There's a Villains Ball, there was a viewing of "Rocky Horror." Jefferson Starship gave a concert, as did several other bands, not to mention the knot of performers doing smaller gigs in hotel lobbies at any time.

There's a parade for the costumed attendees to show off. The Batmobile and Speed Racer's car were part of it. They want The Armory to get a tank for next year.

If I may get on my pedestool for a moment, regarding people in costume. Walking around dressed like your favorite super hero is not something you should do on a regular basis. And, no, not everyone at Dragon Con is the person you want to see stuffed into spandex. I will say, though, that more often than not, the people in costume were wearing costumes because its fun, no more, no less. The quality ranged from professional costumes that you almost believe were pilfered from a movie set to things that looked thrown together in a couple seconds. But, without fail, everyone there seemed to enjoy the work that goes into costumes, people were showing off, striking poses and playing around. They were thrilled to have their pictures taken and were generally taking pictures of everyone else. It's a celebration of all things geeky and I didn't see a lot of people in costume who seemed to be living in fantasy land (so to speak.) I'm sure there were people, particularly in the fantasy side of things, who may have been living too deeply in their 'character,' but overall, it's no weirder than a Halloween party, and, really, it's a lot more fun. If you don't come out of Dragon Con wanting to come up with a costume for next year, I don't know what to tell you. In fact, I was talking to Autumn Reeser, who was on TV's 'No Ordinary Family' and she wants to come back next year as a fan in costume. It's infectious, to be sure.

Luckily, Atlanta has a host of great restaurants right near the con. The problem is there are 45,000 people in the hotels who tend to get hungry around the same time. And even when we went to eat late, after midnight, the places open later were still packed and on a wait. And, yes, you'd see various super heroes and villains in full costume eating dinner wherever you went. I hear alcohol plays a part in many of the festivities -- there are mini-bars set-up everywhere. As you can expect, the price of a beer is a bit MUCH. The mini-market in the hotel had spectacular blueberry muffins in the morning, though, which I had every day.

Even though we were up to all hours most nights, we still didn't see much of the show. I'm not sure you could if you tried. The panel discussions were scattered all over the hotels, in fact, the Buffy panel I did want to go to was in the 4th hotel that I'm still not entirely sure how to find.

Dragon Con is considered geek Mardi Gras and that's pretty much on target. It doesn't feel as crassly produced as Comicon does these days, it's not a shitty Wizard World show, nor is it a straight-forward art-centric comic book show. It's it's own monster.

You should totally go if you have any geeky interests and want to immerse yourself. But don't expect to get a lot of sleep. Or to eat on a regular schedule. But you'll see things you never imagined seeing!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Con Season Begins

Ok, so Con Season generally begins for the Cranboyz in April and now it's June! But I'm gonna write about April Cons, mostly because I've been too busy and lazy to do it until now!

In April I took my nephew, Josh, to his first real comic book convention, The Pittsburgh Comic Con! Pittsburgh has always been good to the Cranboyz, so we make it a habit to attend this show as often as we can. I've been promising Josh he could go to a show with me so this seemed like a good fit.

Josh seemed to have a really good time. He Bought some Legos and a few comics and got to take in the size and scope of a decent sized Con! I think it was a bit much for him at first, but by the end, he had it down like a pro! Speaking of pro's, the creator's were all great with Josh, wanting to meet him and hear what he thought about the show!

I have gotten Josh 2 sketches in the past, as surprises. This time I asked him who he would want, and he told me Bossk, from the Empire Strikes Back! I didn't see that one coming, but that's what he wanted!

Scott James had done a Rogue sketch for me to pick up at the show. Scott's a great guy and has done some great sketches for us, so I asked if he was interested in drawing Bossk. He said he was happy to draw anyone from the best Star Wars film! Josh was pretty much speechless when we picked this up! It is pretty incredible! My sister was even impressed and ran out and got a frame for it right away.

We only went out for the one day, but I managed to pick up some nice sketches and had some time to visit with a bunch of creators that we usually only see there. Josh loved it and was ready to go to more shows! The problem is, most shows aren't as close as Pittsburgh.

Case in point, the Comic Geek Speak Super Show!

About 2 weeks after Pittsburgh, Popa and I were travelling across the State of Pennsylvania to try out the Super Show in Reading. We checking into our hotel in the early afternoon and were aware that there was a Con gathering at a local bar later, but we were tired and hungry and wanted someplace to chill before we had to be social. Well, I pulled back the curtains to our hotel room to the site of a Hooters 50 feet from our door!
We spent a good amount of time and money at Hooters, ALL Weekend! But our girl Kierra took great care of us!

We did end up making it to the pre-Con gathering and met the promoters along with our friends Comfort Love, Adam Withers, Robert Atkins and Tom Feister! They are important because they are the main reason we decided to try this show out. All four of them, at some point, asked if we were going because they thought it was our kind of show and it would be great to hang out! How could we refuse that!

The gathering was fun, but crowded, so we bailed and hung out with Atkins and Feister back at the hotel (and maybe a quick trip to Hooters). However, we had a long drive in and had to be up E-A-R-L-Y! Why? Because that's what we do at shows! Pay attention!

Saturday morning, Popa and I tracked down the Expo center and were surprised to find a couple of things. there was no real signs for the Comic Book Show, there was a Gun show going on at the same building, and no one (NO ONE) was there for the Comic Show, yet.

So we headed in the front doors to find our spot. Except the only thing in the front doors was the Gun Show! I thought this was cool, but that's not what I was there for!

We decided to make our way into this converted factory/warehouse to locate the comic show. we were sure this was the right place, but all we found were locked doors and lots of empty storage space! Popa joked that we were going to turn a corner and come out smack dab in the middle of the comic show, but that didn't seem likely at this point.

And then, we walked around a corner, opened an unlocked door and walked into the middle of the comic book show! Why aren't there lights on? Because no one was there yet! no promoteres, no dealers, no guests, just a couple of Cranboyz! First in, Last to go, Indeed!

We did find the low-key entrance that was used the rest of the day. We were also kind enough to let the dealers and promoters in, since the door was locked!

Uniquely, the Con was on the second floor. This was fine until the elevator broke! Luckily, that didn't last long! Anyway, Popa and I headed downstairs to start the line, because that's how it works.

This map of the building was posted in the lobby.

It was a fun show. It wasn't huge, and it wasn't trying to be. It was like a big, local show, for the local fans. Guess we kind of crashed their party! But Hey, we were invited! There were only a couple of dealers, but it seemed like a hand full of locals were set up just to sell what they had. There was a lot of small press-type folks and a few big names, too. How big? Tim Truman. Tony Moore. Lee Weeks. Yeah, see what I mean!

Popa and I have known Lee Weeks for years and Popa has stayed in pretty good contact with him. Popa was first in line to pick something up from Lee and I was lucky enough to get something too! I say lucky because Lee just happened to have a mostly finished piece of Nick Fury, which is exactly what I wanted, and it is amazing! Couldn't have worked out better!

We hung out and picked up sketches from our friends Adam Withers and Comfort Love, who are so busy at Cons these days, it's wonderful! They deserve every bit of attention they get, they have totally earned it!

A lot of my time was spent visiting and drooling over the GI Joe artwork of Robert Atkins. (Note: The Simek sign on the back of his drawing board is from a photo taken at C2E2, which I was not at this year!)

It seems Tom Feister had to put up with us quite a bit too, poor guy! (no really, have you seen his Booth Babe? Not pretty!) I got to hang out with Tom a little at last year's Dragon Con, but we really got to spend some time catching up and telling Con stories at this show, it was very cool!

One of the things the Cranboyz tend to do is sniff out new artists to pick-up artwork from. And once we find someone, the whole gang starts lining up and we don't stop ! Some artists say they like the repeat business and loyalty. I'm not sure they have a choice!

Anyway, amongst all the other fun we had at Super Show, we got to meet Dave Wachter. Dave is an extremely nice guy and an absolutely superb artist. Popa and I both got sketches from him and they were some of the best from the show! It seems Dave does a few of the same shows we do, and I am positive we will be collecting more sketches from him.

Dave Wachter Croc Master for Shane:

Dave Wachter Dormammu for Popa:

Super Show was also the first time we met Rebekah Isaacs. Popa had seen some of her work before and after seeing the sketches she was doing, I had to get something too! Rebekah is super nice and was a good sport about us coming back for more at Heroes, but that's a story for later!

Rebekah Isaac's Hawk II for Shane:

Rebekah Issac's Mockingbird for Popa:

Overall, it was a really good time! It was a fun show with lots of people we know and like. You can't beat that, at all! I'm glad we went and tried it out and hope that we get the chance to head back for more!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


We would like to Thank every single person who contributed to the Fundraiser, in any possible way! The Online Auction was a Huge success and the Benefit Dinner was just as successful and a lot of fun. It really turned out to be like a huge reunion, even for people who had never met before. Spirits have certainly been high throughout this entire event, and a large part of that is because so many people were willing to pitch in!

We will be leaving the Online Donation Button up, for now. The money we raised for The Cran was helpful, but this is a long, draining process. So, if you didn't get to donate, have a friend who would like to, or you would like to donate again, we appreciate it!

Thanks so much!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We want to express our most sincere gratitude to everyone involved in the Cranboyz art auction! To all of our generous contributors, thanks for your donations! To all of our auction winners, thanks for your bids! Because of you, we were able to raise $2,800 to support The Cran!

Don't forget, there is also a benefit dinner being held this Saturday, April 2nd at the Greentown Athletic Club in North Canton, Ohio. There will be door prizes, raffles and a silent auction including more original artwork, comic memorabilia and other great items to bid on! Stop by if you're able, and you might even be witness to a rare sighting of The Cran himself!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Going... Going...

The day has finally arrived... the Fundraiser for a Friend has begun! All of the auctions are now live! Follow the link to check out all of the swag up for grabs, including original artwork, autographed books, movie memorabilia and even a set of 2 passes to the sold-out 2011 San Diego Comic Con! Place your bids now, because these auctions are up on Sunday!

All auctions are brought to you by The Cranboyz in support of John Randall and his fight with Lymphomic Cancer. 100% of the proceeds from these auctions go directly to benefit John Randall. We want to sincerely thank all of the contributors who donated to support our cause. We really appreciate your generosity!

Happy bidding!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fundraiser Auction Art: Part Seven

It's almost here! The eBay auctions will begin tomorrow. These 3-day auctions will include all the original artwork we've showcased here (and more), as well as several comic-related specialty items. All proceeds from the auctions will benefit The Cran, helping him to meet his medical expenses as well as his day-to-day expenditures while battling cancer. So take another look at all the artwork up for auction right here on the blog, or head over to our gallery at Comic Art Fans to see them all again!

On to today's updates! First off, we have an original 16" x 26"
fantasy pin-up, by Geoff Darrow:

And next we have this beautiful 9" x 12" marker sketch of
Gwen Stacy, by Joe Pekar:

Check back tomorrow for final updates and the start of the auctions!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fundraiser Auction Art: Part Six

The Art Auction is just around the corner... it starts at the end of next week! So, we're continuing to showcase the original artwork donated to help The Cran!

First, we have another whimsical pin-up from Scott James, this time featuring Jean Grey, The Phoenix, in a bit of an off-camera moment:

Next, we have an original 11" x 17" pin-up of the Mini-Marvels,
by Chris Giarrusso:

We'll continue to roll out the artwork right up until the start of the Art Auction, so we'll see you back here in a few days!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fundraiser Auction Art: Part Five

Today's auction update contains a couple of takes on classic characters from popular G.I. Joe creators!

First, we have an original 11x17 pin-up of Snake-Eyes,
by Jeremy Dale. Yo Joe!

Next we have a full-color, 8.5x11 pin-up of The Baroness,
by Shannon Gallant. Cobraaaaa!

Check back later this week for more artwork!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fundraiser Art Auction: Part Four

Welcome back for another update! To start things off this week, we're announcing that the eBay auctions will begin on Friday, March 25th. These 3-day auctions will include all the original artwork we've showcased here (and more), as well as several comic-related specialty items. All proceeds from the auctions will benefit The Cran, helping him to meet his medical expenses as well as his day-to-day expenditures while battling cancer. So keep checking back for more auction updates, and sneak peeks at the original artwork!

And speaking of original artwork, today we have a classic Marvel Team-Up!

First, we have an original pin-up of the Incredible Hulk,
by Scott James:

And finally, we have this spectacular 11" x 17" painting of
the Amazing Spider-man, by Gene Gonzales:

Check back soon for more original art!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fundraiser Art Auction: Part Three

Back again with another update!

Today's pieces include two donations from our very good friends Comfort Love and Adam Withers, creators of The Uniques and Rainbow in the Dark.

First up, we have an original 11" x 17" jam sketch featuring Nightwing and Jade, by Comfort and Adam:

Next up, we have an original 11" x 17" pin-up featuring an epic battle between the Human Torch and Iceman, by Adam:

Keep checking back for more updates and auction details!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fundraiser Art Auction: Part Two

The original artwork for the auction continues to roll in!

Next up, we have an original 11" x 17" pin-up of Dazzler,
by Todd Nauck:

Check back soon for more updates!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fundraiser Art Auction: Part One

The original artwork that will be auctioned off to raise money for The Cran has started coming in, so we thought we'd start showcasing it.

First up, we have an original 11" x 17" pin-up of Nightwing,
by Scott McDaniel:

Next, we have an Avengers #7 sketch cover featuring The Mighty Thor, by James Nguyen:

Keep checking back for further updates, including auction details and more original artwork!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fundraiser on Fresh Ink

Thanks to Blair Butler and G4 for spreading the word about the Fundraiser for Cran! (About 5 minutes into the clip)

We are getting Original Artowrk in and are organizing it for an online auction. We will post a few samples soon and will list all the details when we have the art and get a bit closer!

And Thanks for using the Donation Button at the top of the page to send The Cran some cash!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fundraiser Details

Here it is in glorious Four Color! Details for the Fundraiser Dinner!

April 2, 2011 at the Greentown Athletic Club in Greentown Ohio.
Doors will Open at 3 and Dinner will be from 4 to 7. Silet Auction will end at 7 and Winners will be announced!

The Cran is currently going through Chemo and additional treatments that leave him unable to work. Running Land of Cran Comics for the last 20 years left him without Health Insurance. We are trying to raise as much as possible to help him with his bills and expenses so that he does not have to worry about these while receiving medical treatment.

We have more Comic Book Professionals donating their artowrk and even some of their books!
These items will be Auctioned with All of the proceeds going directly to The Cran!

Added to the list of gracious creators are:
Scott McDaniel (Batman, Nightwing)
Craig Rousseau (Perhapanauts, X-Men First Class)
Todd Dezago (Tellos, Perhapanauts, Super Hero Squad)
Jeremy Dale (GI Joe, Skyward, Absolute Zeros)
SL Gallant (GI Joe, Marvel Adventures: Avengers)
As well as Dark Horse Comics and IDW Publishing!

And please don't forget, if you are interested in donating money to help The Cran, the Donation Button at the upper Right of the page accepts Credit and Debit Card, as well as Paypal!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fundraiser for The Cran!

Dear Friends, and Customers,

It is with great regret that I write to inform you of the following situation. As some of you undoubtedly know by now The Cran has been diagnosed with Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia a slow-growing lymphoma (cancer that begins in the cells of the immune system). This form of cancer is a rare, only about 1,500 cases in the US annually and at this time there is no known cure for it, but there are several treatment options available to help control the symptoms of the disease.

The past few years have seen hard times for the store as evidenced by the downsizing to a smaller location and eventual closure, as well as for other small businesses in this depressed economy. Being a small business owner the Cran didn't have health care coverage, and most of his finances have been exhausted in trying to keep the store going. Adding this rare illness on top of all these other factors has been a huge financial burden for him, and he is unable to seek other work because of this disease. We are trying to organize a fund raising dinner to help raise some money for the man who means an awfully lot to us to help him meet his day to day expenses, as well as medical costs.

If Land of Cran was an important place in your life or you enjoyed your time shopping there, we are asking you for your generosity and kindness to help by either donating money, buy a ticket to the event, or place a bid on one of the silent auctions. Anything will be appreciated in this time of need.

Bill's Books & More will also have dinner and ticket information as it becomes available.

The Cran is a member of a local organization of friends and businessmen that call themselves the Pigdogs, and they are the ones who are putting together this fund raising dinner. They contacted Shane and myself to bring in the comics side of Cran's life to help make this event the best we can.

The event will be a spaghetti dinner at the Greentown Athletic Club. We are hoping to sell 500 numbered $20.00 tickets for a chance at a grand prize which will be a total gym courtesy of Fitness Quest Inc, Canton OH and door prizes (depending on donations),

From donations of themed baskets, corporate gifts, original comic art, sports tickets etc. money will be raised via "silent" auction, where bids are written on a sheet below the prize. Some of the comic artists involved with us are:

Robert Atkins (GI Joe)
Darryl Banks (Green Lantern)
Tome Feister (GI Joe Origins, Ex Machina)
Gene Gonzales (Pin-Up Artist)
Scott James (Mutants and Masterminds)
Comfort Love and Adam Withers (Mutants and Masterminds, the Uniques, Rainbow in the Dark)
Todd Nauck (Young Justice, Wild Guard and Amazing Spider-Man #583)
Joe Pekar (Pin-Up artist)

The key to make this a success is to raise most all of the funds before the event. All of you who where nice enough to say you would help in any way, or you do not live here and want to help, there is a paypal donation button at the top of this Blog and 100% of the money will go Directly to the Cran.

Benefit Dinner for The Cran!
Where- Greentown Athletic Club 9944 Cleveland av nw Greentown 44630
When- Sat. April 2nd doors open 3:00 Dinner 4:00-7:00 grand drawing 7:00

For more details contact:
Shane Simek - 330 704.9026,

Terry Bigrigg 330.639.9349,

Thank you so much for your contribution!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Iron Spider

Hey everyone! Hope 2011 is treating everyone well so far! As for me, I'm still moving forward with digital coloring, and here's a piece I did to learn a different coloring technique. It's called cel-shading, and it's used in primarily in animation and more graphic styles of illustration. I've shown the process in the series of images below. I used my sketch of The Iron Spider from Craig Rousseau from Mid-Ohio 2010.

First, I scanned the original line art into Photoshop and prepped it for coloring:

Next, I flatted the image, providing the base color for the character:

Then, the I used cel-shading to adds depth and volume to the character:

Finally, I created a cool spider web background to make the character pop off the page.

So, that's it! Hope you enjoyed it! Also, check out Craig Rousseau's blog entry for today, showcasing not the black and white sketch he did for me at the show, but my colored version!