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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Popa's Favorite Amazing Spider-Man Covers

Keeping up my theme of favorite cover galleries from classic comic series, I present my favorite covers from "Amazing Spider-Man."  There's a bit of skewing toward the Hobgoblin, but that's to be expected, it's my favorite knot of Spidey stories of all-time.  Oh, and there's Cardiac, baby!!

10.  #377 - Cardiac, baby! (Oh, and some great Mark Bagley art.)

 photo 377-3_zpsrmdz7jvc.jpg

9. #62 Medusa has rarely looked better!

 photo 62-2_zpso7gyfkxs.jpg

8. 346 - I'm not a big Venom guy but I love this crazy design by Erik Larsen.

 photo 346-1_zpsqoqobpde.jpg

7. 275 - The real climax of the Hobgoblin story and a great Ron Frenz cover.

 photo Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_1_275_zpsgmelejug.jpg

6. 19 - Classic Ditko greatness.

 photo 19-3_zpsbjh4m2o5.jpg

5. 230 - This wild Juggernaut image always gets me excited to read this story again.  Romita Jr. draws a helluva Juggernaut and a classic Spidey.

 photo 230-1_zpsmzdscp5d.jpg

4. 25- You can't go wrong with the sheer ridiculousness of J. Jonah's face in the Spider Slayer armor.

 photo 25-4_zpsrbwm3k24.jpg

3. 250 - From Hobgoblin's hilarious 'It's great - Steal it!' line to the intense Spidey vs. Hobgoblin image, this one's for the ages!

 photo 250-2_zpsa4ahlgas.jpg

2. 9 - The first appearance of Spidey's GREATEST VILLAIN - Electro!

 photo 9-4_zps83vwt3sb.jpg

1. 251 - The climax of the first big Hobgoblin story, I love this intensely dramatic image.

 photo 251-7_zpstzhg4l53.jpg