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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Iron Spider

Hey everyone! Hope 2011 is treating everyone well so far! As for me, I'm still moving forward with digital coloring, and here's a piece I did to learn a different coloring technique. It's called cel-shading, and it's used in primarily in animation and more graphic styles of illustration. I've shown the process in the series of images below. I used my sketch of The Iron Spider from Craig Rousseau from Mid-Ohio 2010.

First, I scanned the original line art into Photoshop and prepped it for coloring:

Next, I flatted the image, providing the base color for the character:

Then, the I used cel-shading to adds depth and volume to the character:

Finally, I created a cool spider web background to make the character pop off the page.

So, that's it! Hope you enjoyed it! Also, check out Craig Rousseau's blog entry for today, showcasing not the black and white sketch he did for me at the show, but my colored version!