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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!

It's Christmas Eve and I can't help but sit here and look back at the past year. I know there is still a week left in 2010, but I will be busy New Year's Eve, playing video games with a 6 pack! Tradition is very important to me, sorry.

So much has happened this year, the Cranboyz have taken a couple of big hits. The kind of things that really always stay with you. We lost our good friend JLAdam. Adam was a good friend to each of us and a very solid memeber of the Cranboyz. He was a big piece of the pie and things really are not the same without him. Even when he could not be right there in the thick of things, he was still a part of it and still let you know he was there in spirit. The cons we have been to since have still been enjoyable, but they really feel different. I still believe Adam is there in spirit, but I am greedy sometimes, and I want more.

Not long after Adam's passing, The Cran closed the doors to Land of Cran Comics. It was not by choice, more it was something that had to be done. The Cran did everytying he could, maybe for too long, to keep the ol' gal afloat, but it just wasn't going to happen. Things ended the best they could, and there were Cranboyz in attendance, right up to the last minute. But there would be no Cranboyz without that place! For 18 years we had our semi-official headquarters there. It was a place we all knew and loved and were apart of. I still drive by and it just seems wrong that it's not there.

There will always be Cranboyz though! We will proudly wear the name of the Cran on our shirts and portfolios and other nick-nacks! The Cran is still apart of us and we will never stop representing the name and reminding people where we came from!

How can I say that we will always do that? Well, Dave and Karen did their part this year! Little Alaina has been brought into the world and joined the ranks of the Jr Cranboyz! Actually, counting 2 nephews, the Jr Cranboyz just might outnumber the actual Cranboyz! How's that for keeping things going! I took my nephew to his first Con, which wasn't very good, but I have promised to make that up to him this year!

We had a lot of fun in 2010. We went to a lot of shows, a LOT! The shows we attend are becoming a bit more diverse and we are starting to see members who don't make it to many shows, make it to a few more. Even when the group wasn't going, we still had a member or two ventrure out and make a claim, pretty cool!

We went to the brand new C2E2 in Chicago, which was an experience I would love to enjoy again. Mega Con, Pittsburgh and Hero Con all made the rotation again, that alwas makes us happy! I made it to Joe Con with Robert Atkins, which was a good time like you wouldn't believe! And the Cranboyz also made an impact on Dragon Con, helping Kevin Dockery with his display, The Armory. Ontop of that show being rediculously entertaining, we got to rub elbows with guys like Stan Lee and Tom Feister!

And we have made SO many friends at these Cons! It is always fun to consider all the creators that we now know and hang out with, but we have made a lot of friends just from other people going to the shows and standing in line with us! Christopher, Leigh, Shannon, Billy, Chad and Paul, just to name a few! Cons are no longer just about socializing within our group, but with all of our new friends as well!

So overall, 2010 was not all bad. I am certain it will not be forgotten, possibly ever! And 2011, I am sure will be a good time. It just not might be the good time we are used to.

I would like to thank everyone of the Cranboyz, our friends, and our families for each of their contributions to 2010. It certainly would not have been as good as it was without you!

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

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