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Monday, August 30, 2010

Enter the Dragon

Being a fan of so many things is a tough endeavor. Just the pre check list for our groups trips is enough to kill a lesser man or women. Being an IT Professional mixed with a videogame/comic/pop culture fan and adding a splash of military/law enforcement/security background it can be let’s just say less than affordable. That’s why when I was invited to attend this year’s Dragon Con I was more than a little hesitant. Not that I didn’t think the show would rock, trust me I’ve heard stories but, the shear magnitude of this show is going to be insane. Comic books, gaming, cosplay, sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, and celebrities like STAN LEE. I’m looking forward to working in THE ARMORY this weekend. A friend of the Cranboyz author Kevin Dockery will host a series of forums pertaining to all sorts of weapons on display as well as ammunitions, edged weapons, explosives and more. This is going to be a must see and I’m honored and stocked to be a part of it. On Saturday a freakin’ parade will charge through downtown Atlanta just for this event; Guinness World Record Attempts, art shows, contests, sneak previews, live DJ’s spinning tracks across four hotels to the wee early hours of the morning. This show is way bigger than that, it has encrusted a legacy as being the second best con in the U.S. only surpassed by San Diego Con. My own 15 year old daughter who loves cosplay is so jealous that we aren’t allowed to speak of the con until it’s over! Dragon Con has recorded a 1500 member volunteer staff, 1500! Now on its 23rd year this four day show has to have organization down to an art, at least I hope. If it’s as big as it’s 128pg pocket program guide, I will be in heaven.

I’ve downloaded it and thrown it in my dropbox, which syncs to my droid so I can view it on the go. (Just click on the link to download it yourself) You have to ask yourself if you’re a male in his thirties, what could possibly be better than hanging out with friends while helping display an actual ARMORY of military weapons, out of state, surrounded by other geeks – non-stop for a week(besides the freakin’ Super Bowl). I am not going to sleep for four damn days.…nuff’ said.

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  1. Yeah, I really don't know a good way to explain Dragon*Con, you just have to experience it. And now The Armory is just a whole 'nother event that has not been done. At least not like this, not at a Con!

    I really feel like we are planning a Military Op! Preping and loading Gear and Weapons. Making our way to the airport, where we breeze through security and then meet up with our gear. A base of operations, a secure hotel room and another, off-site hotel, as back-up! WOW!

    We are gonna have some fun!