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Thursday, September 9, 2010


This past week we lost our very good friend, Adam Hauenstein. Adam and I have been friends for over 15 years. Like most of us, we met through Land of Cran Comics.
Adam has been a valued friend and card-carrying member of the Cranboyz. Due to his love for the Morrison/Porter run on JLA, he started a JLA themed Sketchbook and became JLAdam.

Adam loved to joke and have fun, no matter where we were. Movies, comic book store, The Rock, Conventions, they were all made dramatically more entertaining by JLAdam.

A quick gag, a posed photo, or a phone call to Dave's comic book store in Florida, Adam was eager to lay the groundwork, regardless of how long it would take to pay off.

Even starting a Blog, under a friends nick name, knowing that we all knew it was him, he never admitted it. Not once. He always claimed to know nothing about it.
Adam was the mastermind behind my Titans sketchbook. When I was about to undergo surgery, he contacted Darrylax, Andy and Popa and they presented me with a brand new sketchbook with a sketch by Darryl.
I owe Adam Thanks for all he has done for me and put up with. He is greatly missed and will be remembered, always.
God Bless Adam Hauenstein. The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

"The League Needs More Thinkers."


  1. JLAdam will be missed by his friends that knew him best. He was a friend although we were not close. I will remember that Ultimate Stilt-Man is funny once, not twice. Batman vs. Star-o sketch by Darrylx, The pic w/Cap sheild is a classic (Isn't there a Thor Hammer pic as well?)and his love for going to the movies. RIP JLAdam.

  2. Shawn, I forgot about Ultimate Stilt-Man! That WAS Funny!

  3. Love that picture of Adam and Andy, because I know right where they're sitting, waiting to get into Pittsburgh Con!

  4. These pics are all great, and really capture Adam at his best. And as you can see in the second pic, he treated his fans really well. Always very friendly and approachable.