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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cleveland Comic Con 2015

Cleveland Comic Con 2015 was an interesting mix of disorganization, good guests and lots of people attending. We walked into the artist room (most of the artists were in one room while the rest were mixed in with the dealers) 25 minutes before the show opened and no one batted an eye. We also were by the dealer room about 40 minutes before the show and I was helping dealers navigate there stuff into the room while at least 6 con helpers were chatting with each other and generally ignoring every one. Some of the setup was questionable but despite some quirks lots of great conversations were had and sketches were received. This is the Beast sketch I got from Nate Lovett.
Although not the traditional style I usually get, I really enjoy Nate's art and I am glad I chose him for this sketch!

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  1. The show has some real potential but it seems more likely it will just fade away. Too bad! We still had a very good time hanging with friends and goofing off! And we got some great sketches! 2 week until Akron Comic Con!