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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Andy's Favorite TMNT Covers!

I'm following up Shane and Popa's Favorite Cover lists with one of my own. I spent some time pulling together a list of my very favorite TMNT covers. It spans from Mirage to IDW, and includes covers from some great talents! Let's get this party started!

10) TMNT #6 (Mirage) - Peter Laird
A masked Turtle with a katana battling a Triceratops with nunchucks in metal pants! What 10-year-old kid WOULDN'T want to read this book?! Peter Laird delivers a thrilling cover featuring the first appearance of my favorite TMNT adversaries, the Triceratons!

9) TMNT Micro Series #1 (Mirage) - Kevin Eastman
This cover contains is the first appearance of Casey Jones. I love this classic Kevin Eastman cover, from the composition to the red duotones, it is a great example of the early TMNT style.

8) TMNT #22 (IDW) Retailer Variant - Declan Shalvey
The latest ongoing TMNT series, published by IDW, has been very successful in finding artists who bring a fresh new look to the Turtles. Whether doing covers or interior art, the artists breathe new life into the characters and stories being told. The Foot Clan has never looked more intimidating than in this cover by Declan Shalvey. The design and placement of the red cape, breaking up the cool, blue hues of the background, really lead your eye to the real threat of the Shredder!

7) TMNT #25 (IDW) - Mateus Santolouco
Mateus Santolouce came to the TMNT in a mini-series called The Secret History of the Foot Clan. This series read like an action movie, filled with intense, dynamic artwork from beginning to end. As part of his introduction into the ongoing, Santolouco created a series of covers that spread across the entire City Fall storyarc, the best of which was this shot of Leonardo in his new role as the Shredder's right hand man.

6) TMNT Micro Series #1 (IDW) - David Petersen
When IDW launched their ongoing TMNT series, they also launched a series of one-shots to mirror the original Mirage "Micro Series." These were intended to be tales which featured each of the Turtles in different solo adventures. IDW hired Mouse Guard artist David Petersen to provide covers for this new series, and he did an outstanding job with them, especially with the cover for the Raphael issue.

5) TMNT #6 (IDW) - Dan Duncan
Dan Duncan was the artist for the initial 12 issue run of IDW's ongoing series, and working alongside Kevin Eastman, he created a solid foundation for the style of artwork found in the series as a whole. I loved the idea for this cover, as seen through the perspective of a Mouser. The Turtles look ready to kick some serious ass, and the monotone red palette really heightens the intensity of the shot.

4) TMNT Collected Edition Book II (Mirage) - Kevin Eastman
I first became aware of the Turtles through the original animated series, but it was this set of graphic novels by First Publishing which made me a true fan. In fact, this cover in particular caught my eye and pulled me into the world of TMNT comics for the first time. This is a fantastic shot of the team by Eastman and one that will always be a favorite.

3) TMNT #1 (Mirage) - Kevin Eastman
The one that started it all... This cover has become an iconic image for the TMNT. It's easy to see Eastman's homage to Frank Miller's work in this cover, but also apparent are the roots of Eastman's developing style. This cover has been recreated by many different artists throughout the Turtles' comic history, and is even used in the opening titles for the animated series. A classic, to be sure.

2) TMNT Collected Edition Book IV (Mirage) - Kevin Eastman
Another amazing cover from the First Publishing set of TMNT graphic novels. Eastman's dynamic composition does a fantastic job setting the tone for the action-packed final volume in this series of color reprints.

1) TMNT #4 (Mirage) Second Print - Michael Dooney
This alternate cover is probably my all-time favorite image of the TMNT. It was so popular at the time, that the artwork was re-used in the packaging for the TMNT Nintendo game, and then showcased on the issue of Nintendo Power magazine which featured the game. I love Dooney's rendition of the Turtles in general, but this image truly captured my imagination as a kid.

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  1. A few of these I wasn't very familiar with but they all look pretty cool!

    Oh, and #7, I think you meant to say, "Leonardo in his new role as the Shredder's right hand TURTLE." lol