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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fundraiser Art Auction: Part Four

Welcome back for another update! To start things off this week, we're announcing that the eBay auctions will begin on Friday, March 25th. These 3-day auctions will include all the original artwork we've showcased here (and more), as well as several comic-related specialty items. All proceeds from the auctions will benefit The Cran, helping him to meet his medical expenses as well as his day-to-day expenditures while battling cancer. So keep checking back for more auction updates, and sneak peeks at the original artwork!

And speaking of original artwork, today we have a classic Marvel Team-Up!

First, we have an original pin-up of the Incredible Hulk,
by Scott James:

And finally, we have this spectacular 11" x 17" painting of
the Amazing Spider-man, by Gene Gonzales:

Check back soon for more original art!

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