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Monday, March 22, 2010

Who (or What) Are the Cranboyz?!?!

WE Are The Cranboyz! Of Course!

I guess there needs to be a little bit more explanation, huh?

The Cranboyz (and CranGirl) are a bunch of friends who mostly know each other from our local comic book store, Land of Cran Comics. We travel to Comic Books shows (or Conventions, or Cons) and collect sketches, commissions and original pages. We have drifted away from each other, in location only! However, we are always talking, calling, texting and emailing each other about our travels and collections. Always!

We just love this stuff! And not just reading comics and being at the shows. We plan these things non-stop! We are always making plans and trying to decide who the best artist is to draw a certain character for us!

Having been around awhile, we have made several friends , both from atendees as well as guests. This little corner of the internet has been sectioned off so that we can share all of our fun with any of them, or anyone else (who, hopefully, doesn't think we are too crazy!).

I am sure as time goes by, we will share a few of our secrets, some of the wild stories that make us laugh and maybe even a few of the reasons we do the things we do. If this stuff has continued to entertain us for all this time, someone else has Got to thinks it's fun, too... Right?
Well regardless, we will be right here, amusing ourselves with the best artwork and friends we can get our hands on!

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