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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cover Fire!

I know I don't need to post new artwork here, everytime I pick something up. I know there is a very nice link, to the right, to ALL of my art, and the rest of the Cranboyz, on CAF. However, I just had to share this!

My very first cover! How cool!

Obviosuly, I am a pretty darn big G.I.Joe fan. If you look at my art collection, you may pick up that I am a pretty big fan of Robert Atkins as well. So, not a massive surprise that I would pick up a cover from him. Except, G.I. Joe has given Robert a nice boost and made him an even more popular artist, making it harder and harder to get artwork from him.

So, when I was lucky enough to see this art, before it came out, I asked if it was available. I mean, Flint is one of my favorite Joes and here he is, dead center on a cover! By Robert Atkins! I didn't even know what the cover was for at the time! And I got the cover! But couldn't really share it until it was officially relased by IDW. And now it is!!

I present to you, G.I. Joe Special Mission Vol 1 TPB Cover by IDW (reprinting the Marvel Special Missions run, for those of you that care!)!

I also included a copy of the colored cover, without the Logo and Text! Isn't it great! I certainly think so!

Thanks again Robert!

And Yo Joe!


  1. That's a nice cover! Let me know when you get the Special Missions cover that matters the most:

  2. Get me some face time with Mike Zeck and I will see what i can do! =)