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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Autographed Memorabilia, when is personalization appropriate?

Alright Cranziens,

My first contribution to the blog, short and sweet, but something thats always been a question of mine is signed memorabilia.  We all know that collecting alone is an experience of its own but when a collector enters the realm of signed work, commissions, and especially signed books, where do we draw the line?

Owning a rare iconic 1st print of Hulk 181, Spiderman 129, No. 1 issue of... well... anything, or even new titles, we all know having the illustrator or writer sign them ads to its allure and value.  But as a collector where does one draw the line for personalization?  Do you simply go for resale value for the future, play it safe and stick to just the signature or do you have it personalized to you?  Now this question extends to single commissions, full art books crammed with various artists, toys... you name it!

Here are my thoughts:

Commissions:  I always feel when I get a commission done I want it personalized.  This is something that I requested for myself, want it hung in my house and its just something freaking sweet to show off.  There are a few commissions I've had done that weren't personalized that I wish I would have, or better yet, had me drawn in with the character!  Going forward I'll always have the artist make it out to me!

Comics:  This is a subject where I'm torn.  The books I want personalized are the ones that I feel I'll have forever and mean something to me.  There are those books out there that have captured my imagination, inspired me in one way or another, or have been a staple in my childhood and tying that memory with a personalization only reinforces that feeling.  I was lucky enough to get my Punisher No. 1 signed by Mike Zeck thanks to my friend Shane Simek, I requested it be personalized because The Circle of Blood is a series that reigniting my childhood comic passion again, its very significant in my collection and having my name on it seals the deal!

Now, that being said, I wouldn't have my rare books personalized.  Even having it signed is a tough one without authentication because we all know if it can't be verified it doesn't "count" but if given the chance, I'd have it signed... but not personalized.  We all know we're going to die and would like to pass these on whether its selling to another collector to enjoy or hand down to our kids.  Personalizing an iconic book would only mean something to me or my family and no one else, and who knows what it does to future value.

Toys/Memorabilia:  I'm not a big toy, prop, or action figure collector so I have no preference or basis on this subject matter.

Regrets:  As of right now none.... only that I need more money!  Well, I always regret not having the right book at the right time to get signed.  I've had some chances to get amazing signatures and never had the right books with me, but thats my own fault.  Piss poor planning...

My question to you...

SO when if ever do you personalize, where do you draw the line, and when are your rules bent for certain scenarios?

Have you ever regretting personalizing an item or not personalizing when you had the chance?

Post your preference and stories, what emotions were experienced at the time and have they changed years down the road?

Thats all I got for now, just a nice random blurp while sorting through this weeks new books :)



  1. I rarely get comics signed these days but when I do, I rarely get them personalized, although I'd be fine with it. Most books I get autographed are hardbacks they sign on the inside.

    I don't ask for artwork to be personalized but a lot of artists have a policy of some sort where they might insist on it. In those cases I'm fine with it.

    When I meet celebs and get posters or pictures signed, I almost always get them personalized.

  2. Here are my personal views.

    I don't know that I've ever gotten a toy or prop signed but I think I would just get the signature, minus my name. Seems like it would be more of an investment I might want to move someday.

    Signed comics have a few answers. I don't have many individual comics left. The ones I do have matter to me and probably no one else, so I would get them signed to me. Why not? High end books are most likely bought as an investment, so that's trickier. Signed is probably fine but personalized is not a great idea, based entirely from a resale perspective. Most of my signed books are trades and hardcovers, very few are signed to me but a few are. Honestly, I don't really care, but if they want to, sure! Ron Garney signed 2 Captain America hardcovers for me, 1 To Shane, 1 To Mr Simek! He was just being a smart ass but it was a fun moment!

    On art, I really don't care either. It's my request, so I don't need my name on it. Some artists personalize it without asking (Chris Samnee) and that's cool. But I know the deal. I'm certainly not against it. And if Paul Ryan hadn't personalized that first Iron Man sketch I got for Eric, I totally would have kept it as my own! And Cranboy history would have been forever altered!