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Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 - Year Without A Theme?

In 2009 we began a theme within our group to collect sketches of Snake-based characters for our Year of the Serpent event. We had so much fun with that, in 2010 we collected sketches of armored characters during our Armor Wars theme! But nothing was really clicking for 2011.

We were still feeling the loss of our friend JLAdam and chose to take a different approach to our sketch theme. In 2011 we decided not to announce it or make a huge deal, but we would collect as many DC Comics character sketches as we could, in honor of JLAdam!

Adam became JLAdam largely because of his love of Morrison and Porter's run on JLA. However, JLAdam enjoyed all the League's line-ups as well as the DC Universe in general. So, we did what we do best and set to work collecting sketches of some of our favorite characters!

Here we have Andy's sketch of the Sandman by Tom Feister, Dave's sketch of the Creeper by Comfort Love and Popa's sketch of the Psycho Pirate by GEORGE PEREZ!!
Representing the Batman corner of the DCU, Popa got Bane by Jeff Johnson and Karen picked up the Huntress by Jeremy Dale.

Popa ended up tackling the Flash's Rogues Gallery on his own! Here are his sketches of Reverse Flash by Robert Atkins, Captain Boomerang by Tom Fowler, Rainbow Raider by Adam Withers and another Reverse Flash by Scott Kollins!

JLAdam spearheaded my Titans sketchbook for me and a lot of Titans sketches were collected in 2011!

I picked up a Kid Flash by GEORGE PEREZ and Troia by PHIL JIMINEZ! My sketches of Blackest Night Terra by Jeremy Haun, Raven by Kelly Yates and Red Star by Greg Schigiel. Popa got this sketch of Jesse Quick by Craig Rousseau.

I got Deathstroke the Terminator by Robert Atkins and Ravager with Beast Boy (as a pug!) by Mike Norton! Hawk was sketched by Karl Kessel, Dove by Darryl Banks and Hawk II by Rebekah Isaacs.

Andy collected sketches of the first Starman by Darryl Banks and Jack Knight by Adam Withers. Starman was further represted by Andy's sketches of the Shade by Dan Govar and the Mist by Comfort Love.

Andy rounded out his Starman sketches with Hope O'Dare by Shannon Gallant and Stargirl by Lora Innes.

The Giffen-DeMatteis-Maguire run of JLI is a favorite of all of ours! We're just crazy fanboys that way! So is Tom Feister, who hooked up Andy with Blue Beetle, Popa with Booster Gold and me with Guy Gardner!
Popa got Fire and Ice from KEVIN MAGUIRE! (okay, Ice is from 2010, but you can't have one without the other!) Karen represted the classic JLA all on her own! She got Aquaman by Rebekah Isaacs, Martian Manhunter by Kelly Yates and Wonder Woman by Jim Fern.
Karen also got Firestorm by Adam Withers and Superman, Red Tornado and Martian Manhunter by Jeremy Dale!

One of JLAdam's favorite JLA villains is the Key and Karen got this sketch by Shannon Gallant. In 2007 JLAdam got a sketch from his pal Darryl Banks. He wanted a classic shot of Batman and Superman, the World's Finest duo! I have always loved this sketch and wanted to do something to go along with it. So I went to Darrylax and got Ultraman and Owlman of the Crime Syndicate! Darryl has always taken very good care of the Cranboyz and this was no exception!

JLAdam, this year was for you my friend!


  1. My Psycho Pirate sketch is not just an homage to 'Crisis' but also to Grant Morrison's 'Animal Man' (that Adam got me to read, of course) that had Psycho Pirate ranting (post-Crisis) about how the 'Wolfman' had wiped everything out -- a reference to Marv Wolfman, of course. Fun stuff! If there's one thing JLAdam loved, it was in jokes!