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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Heroes of Insurance

So, one of my company's independent agents decided that he wanted a super-hero themed ad campaign. Well, word got out that someone in the office enjoyed comic books, and so, I was assigned the task of creating the artwork for this campaign. I thought you guys might get a kick out of the results. So, here are the pencils for the campaign:



And here is the final artwork:


Ad #1

Ad #2

Ad #3

Click on the pics for larger scans. Enjoy!


  1. Andy, that's fantastic that you got to do something comic related at work! Congrats! So you gonna go drive around and take pics of the billboard ads?

    I really like your pencils to Shanahan. And the Black and White ad is my favorite, but it is all very cool!

  2. Thanks! The billboards are going to be constructed in Illinois, so I won't get to see them, unfortunately. But the Marketing Specialist I worked with on this job is going to send me photos of the finished billboards, so I can post those here once they're up.

  3. Congrats Andy! Published on billboards - that rocks. You did an awesome job and should be proud.