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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So, not only did the Cranboyz have fun with the Year of the Serpent, we had a lot of positive feedback from artists, as well! Suddenly there was pressure to have a theme in 2010. Year of the Serpent just kind of happened. We didn't plan it, at least not at first. We certainly embraced it, but there was no effort to create a theme. So, we threw around some ideas but nothing really clicked.

Then, one night over a dinner filled with comic book and convention chit chat, JLAdam sai, "What about Armor Wars?" And it just worked! Not only was it a great idea, but a hot topic! The Cranboyz were in fevered debate over what characters were considered armored and who wasn't! I mean, Year of the Serpent was much easier, you were a member of the Serpent Society or you weren't! So, for the sake of our sanity and friendships, Armor Wars was opened up to any and all characters with armor.

We are only part way into the 2010 Convention season but Armor Wars is going strong! Here is a peak at what Armor Wars has brought us so far...


  1. Why have I never seen Blue Beetle before?

  2. That is Dave's from FCBD. I pestered him into sending it to me so I could do this post.

    You know Dave, he can't do anything simple, like share with his friends!

  3. What about Lilandra, she has armor ;) Blog is looking real good Top!