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Sunday, April 11, 2010

2009: Year of the Serpent

John Popa and I have always been fans of the group known as the Serpent Society. We have also, always joked that we should just get sketches of the entire team, sometime. Well, one thing led to another, and in 2009, it happened. We decided that 2009 was the Year of the Serpent! Being the Cranboyz that we are, we had Andy create a logo, had shirts made, the whole deal.

So, we chose our favorite memebers and got to work collecting sketches of them! Not a lot of people are familiar with the Serpent Society, so we often had to explain who they were. They are a villain group that primarily fought against Captain America and appeared in his title in the mid 80's. They were led by Seth Vorhees, better known as Sidewinder. His goal was to create an established group that could bid on jobs and could offer the bonus of never having to spend time in jail. Sidewinder was a teleporter and would simply rescue his team memebers from incarceration so that they could continue to work. Brilliant!
Not all of the Cranboyz are such fans of the Serpent Society (don't ask me why!) but still wanted to particiapte in the Year of the Serpent. So, we decided that as long as you got some sort of serpent sketch, you were in! Well, that made for some interesting contributions!

Dave got this sketch of Fin Fang Foom!

Andy Decided to have some snakes added to his sketch of Indiana Jones!

And our mysterious member, Carl, picked up a sketch of his hero, Snake Pliskin!
Now, for the Serpent Society sketches of 2009!

I picked up ANACONDA by Adam Withers!

Popa got the ASP from Robert Atkins and I got her from Jay Fife!

Popa had Darryl Banks draw this perfect BLACK MAMBA. Comfort Love played off of the characters background, for me!

Mahailo Vukelic drew BUSHMASTER for me.

Classic Villain COBRA was drawn for Popa by Jeremy Dale and for me by Casey Jones!

CONSTRICTOR turned down an offer to join the Serpent Society, but ran around with Viper in the Serpent Squad. Tom Lyle drew him for me!

Shawn had Comfort Love add COPPERHEAD to our collection!

COTTONMOUTH was a founding member of the Society. Robert Atkins drew him for Popa, Sean McArdle drew him for me.

Mysterious and deadly, DEATH ADDER was drawn for me by Josh Medors and for Popa by Reilly Brown.

DIAMONDBACK left the Society to date Captain America and fought them at his side! She was drawn by Sean Chen for Popa and by Joe Pekar for me.
Uko Smith drew PRINCESS PYTHON for Karen!

PUFF ADDER is a newer member to the team. He could increase his bulk AND spit acid! He was drawn for me by Jeremy Dale and for Popa by Adam Withers!

Casey Jones drew the team's founder, SIDEWINDER, for Popa!

I had Uko Smith draw the beautiful and deadly VIPER!

There are still a few members we want to add. I know Popa still wants BUSHmaster in his collection and I have plans for SIDEWINDER! Overall, it was a lot of fun having a theme to shoot for. It makes it a little tough, considering that most of us have theme's for each of our sketchbooks! But we did it!

And a lot of the artists had fun with it as well! We have had many requests for a theme for 2010, but, that's a story for later!


  1. Its cool to see the different versions of the characters side by side by different artist.

  2. I agree Shawn, it is very cool!

  3. ummm... so apparently death adder is GOLD!

  4. DIAMONDBACK as well...totally solid