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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online is Sony's MMO taking place in the DC Universe, staring the heroes and villains of DC Comics. One of the great things about the game is that you can not only play as a hero but also as a villain!

The premise (short version) is that Lex Luthor of the future has come back to our time to save the planet. To do this he has populated the Earth with hundreds of thousands of exobytes, each containing a super power. These empower normal people with super powers so that they can battle against Braniac's invasion of Earth!

The majority of the game takes place in locations around Gotham and Metropolis, however, there are adventures in Bludhaven, the Moon and even Central City! New cities are added every so often with expansion packs but Gotham and Metroplis are the most extensive.

You can even explore the JLA Watchtower or the Secret Society's Hall of Doom!

Character generation covers a lot of ground, from hair, to mask, skin type (animal, mineral or vegetable?), and then all the costume and power options! Not only are there the original options, but you gain costumes and powers as you make your way through missions, so you can modify the look of your character as you go!

Here are some sample pics of a villain I created named Firefight! As you can see, he started off pretty simple and generic and turned into a pretty tough looking character!

Recetnly a number of the Cranboyz started a villain group known as the Dark Cranboyz! I've included some screen captures to give you an idea of the variety of looks and ability's involved. Our group includes a speedster, wizard, cyborg and plant creature as well as such great attacks and powers as flight, swords, a giant hammer, a rifle and ice powers!

It's hard to get good shots of our battles, but here are a few.

Even better than being able to fight alongside (or against) Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, Flash, Luther, Joker, Bane and Harley, is the fact that DCU Online is FREE to play!

Do yourself a favor and check out these two cinematic trailers that set up the plotline of the game, then start your download and join us online!

Original Trailer:

Fractured Future: