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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Con Season Begins

Ok, so Con Season generally begins for the Cranboyz in April and now it's June! But I'm gonna write about April Cons, mostly because I've been too busy and lazy to do it until now!

In April I took my nephew, Josh, to his first real comic book convention, The Pittsburgh Comic Con! Pittsburgh has always been good to the Cranboyz, so we make it a habit to attend this show as often as we can. I've been promising Josh he could go to a show with me so this seemed like a good fit.

Josh seemed to have a really good time. He Bought some Legos and a few comics and got to take in the size and scope of a decent sized Con! I think it was a bit much for him at first, but by the end, he had it down like a pro! Speaking of pro's, the creator's were all great with Josh, wanting to meet him and hear what he thought about the show!

I have gotten Josh 2 sketches in the past, as surprises. This time I asked him who he would want, and he told me Bossk, from the Empire Strikes Back! I didn't see that one coming, but that's what he wanted!

Scott James had done a Rogue sketch for me to pick up at the show. Scott's a great guy and has done some great sketches for us, so I asked if he was interested in drawing Bossk. He said he was happy to draw anyone from the best Star Wars film! Josh was pretty much speechless when we picked this up! It is pretty incredible! My sister was even impressed and ran out and got a frame for it right away.

We only went out for the one day, but I managed to pick up some nice sketches and had some time to visit with a bunch of creators that we usually only see there. Josh loved it and was ready to go to more shows! The problem is, most shows aren't as close as Pittsburgh.

Case in point, the Comic Geek Speak Super Show!

About 2 weeks after Pittsburgh, Popa and I were travelling across the State of Pennsylvania to try out the Super Show in Reading. We checking into our hotel in the early afternoon and were aware that there was a Con gathering at a local bar later, but we were tired and hungry and wanted someplace to chill before we had to be social. Well, I pulled back the curtains to our hotel room to the site of a Hooters 50 feet from our door!
We spent a good amount of time and money at Hooters, ALL Weekend! But our girl Kierra took great care of us!

We did end up making it to the pre-Con gathering and met the promoters along with our friends Comfort Love, Adam Withers, Robert Atkins and Tom Feister! They are important because they are the main reason we decided to try this show out. All four of them, at some point, asked if we were going because they thought it was our kind of show and it would be great to hang out! How could we refuse that!

The gathering was fun, but crowded, so we bailed and hung out with Atkins and Feister back at the hotel (and maybe a quick trip to Hooters). However, we had a long drive in and had to be up E-A-R-L-Y! Why? Because that's what we do at shows! Pay attention!

Saturday morning, Popa and I tracked down the Expo center and were surprised to find a couple of things. there was no real signs for the Comic Book Show, there was a Gun show going on at the same building, and no one (NO ONE) was there for the Comic Show, yet.

So we headed in the front doors to find our spot. Except the only thing in the front doors was the Gun Show! I thought this was cool, but that's not what I was there for!

We decided to make our way into this converted factory/warehouse to locate the comic show. we were sure this was the right place, but all we found were locked doors and lots of empty storage space! Popa joked that we were going to turn a corner and come out smack dab in the middle of the comic show, but that didn't seem likely at this point.

And then, we walked around a corner, opened an unlocked door and walked into the middle of the comic book show! Why aren't there lights on? Because no one was there yet! no promoteres, no dealers, no guests, just a couple of Cranboyz! First in, Last to go, Indeed!

We did find the low-key entrance that was used the rest of the day. We were also kind enough to let the dealers and promoters in, since the door was locked!

Uniquely, the Con was on the second floor. This was fine until the elevator broke! Luckily, that didn't last long! Anyway, Popa and I headed downstairs to start the line, because that's how it works.

This map of the building was posted in the lobby.

It was a fun show. It wasn't huge, and it wasn't trying to be. It was like a big, local show, for the local fans. Guess we kind of crashed their party! But Hey, we were invited! There were only a couple of dealers, but it seemed like a hand full of locals were set up just to sell what they had. There was a lot of small press-type folks and a few big names, too. How big? Tim Truman. Tony Moore. Lee Weeks. Yeah, see what I mean!

Popa and I have known Lee Weeks for years and Popa has stayed in pretty good contact with him. Popa was first in line to pick something up from Lee and I was lucky enough to get something too! I say lucky because Lee just happened to have a mostly finished piece of Nick Fury, which is exactly what I wanted, and it is amazing! Couldn't have worked out better!

We hung out and picked up sketches from our friends Adam Withers and Comfort Love, who are so busy at Cons these days, it's wonderful! They deserve every bit of attention they get, they have totally earned it!

A lot of my time was spent visiting and drooling over the GI Joe artwork of Robert Atkins. (Note: The Simek sign on the back of his drawing board is from a photo taken at C2E2, which I was not at this year!)

It seems Tom Feister had to put up with us quite a bit too, poor guy! (no really, have you seen his Booth Babe? Not pretty!) I got to hang out with Tom a little at last year's Dragon Con, but we really got to spend some time catching up and telling Con stories at this show, it was very cool!

One of the things the Cranboyz tend to do is sniff out new artists to pick-up artwork from. And once we find someone, the whole gang starts lining up and we don't stop ! Some artists say they like the repeat business and loyalty. I'm not sure they have a choice!

Anyway, amongst all the other fun we had at Super Show, we got to meet Dave Wachter. Dave is an extremely nice guy and an absolutely superb artist. Popa and I both got sketches from him and they were some of the best from the show! It seems Dave does a few of the same shows we do, and I am positive we will be collecting more sketches from him.

Dave Wachter Croc Master for Shane:

Dave Wachter Dormammu for Popa:

Super Show was also the first time we met Rebekah Isaacs. Popa had seen some of her work before and after seeing the sketches she was doing, I had to get something too! Rebekah is super nice and was a good sport about us coming back for more at Heroes, but that's a story for later!

Rebekah Isaac's Hawk II for Shane:

Rebekah Issac's Mockingbird for Popa:

Overall, it was a really good time! It was a fun show with lots of people we know and like. You can't beat that, at all! I'm glad we went and tried it out and hope that we get the chance to head back for more!